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From the beginning...


"If I'm not here, I'm not eating," said Scott, a daily customer of The Huddle, a Mission Hills restaurant. Scott was sick with HIV/AIDS and too weak to cook for himself.

In 1991, when Scott failed to show up for his lunch one day, The Huddle's owner Ruth Henricks took action. She teamed up with a group of friends who helped prepare meals in The Huddle's kitchen. They called the home-delivered meals "Special Delivery." 

Today, in the Special Delivery kitchen, Ruth and her team prepare over 300 nutritionally-balanced, fresh & homemade meals daily!



Trent, Food Pantry

I'm a single parent raising four children - three teens and a four year old.

I started out volunteering for Special Delivery for several years as a driver. After a few years of volunteering, I became disabled with a knee replacement in 2007 and then cancer in 2010.

About five years ago, I began shopping at the Special Delivery pantry. Using the pantry, I am able to provide food security for my family so that at the end of the month, we are not out of food. We have a food security all month long.

I find Special Delivery to be a blessing to myself, the community and San Diego County. Thank God for Ruth!


Gilbert, Diabetic

I was told there was a Diabetic Program from one of the Food Pantry volunteers during a visit.  I live with diabetes.  I was diagnosed with kidney problems and told I would die from kidney failure by my physician.  I decided to take action by going to Ruth’s Diabetic Class.  I was 250 pounds when I started my journey and now I have lost and kept off over 100 pounds.  Lemon water first thing in the morning has saved my life and my kidneys! My body healed itself as I started making conscientious choices I learned in the last four years from Ruth.  Let my “reckoning” be proof to you, you can do it too!


Lena, Home Delivery

I am blind and have been receiving Special Delivery meals for over two years. The meals give me access to wonderful, healthy options and delicious gluten-free dinners. Even if I had adequate income to eat well, I could not buy gluten-free dinners that are this wholesome and tasty.

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