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Volunteer opportunities

Below are a list of volunteer opportunities and duties.  Please feel free to "Tell Us What Interests You" below and we will do our best to schedule you for your requested duty, time and date!

Morning Dish-Up: 

Includes preparing and packaging up our breakfast/lunches for the home delivery program.  Generally assisting packaging salads, desserts, breakfast items and sandwiches.  Our morning crew gets started about 7:30am and goes through to 10am depending on the day.

Dinner Dish-Up: 

Includes dishing up the hot dinners and packing them in the meal bags.  We begin dish-up at 12:45p and could last for a duration of an hour or 90 mins.

Food Pantry Prep: 

Includes assisting unloading/organizing the day's donations and prepping the pantry and grocery bags for our food pantry distribution.  This is a Monday-Thursday opportunity from about 8am-10:30am.

Food Pantry Volunteer: 

Includes aiding out food pantry during open hours with checking in shoppers, providing them with their pre-made bags and ensuring their second appointment is set.  This also includes break down and clean up of the pantry. 

Opportunities M-Th from 9a-1:30pm

Home Delivery Drivers: 

You will be assigned a route for the day with a 10-12 meal packages for different clients.  You physically walk the meal the the client's home and leave with them.  The routes are specifically designed to have all the drop off's in the same general vicinity of the city to avoid too much driving around.   This is fun to do solo or with a partner - so one person driving and double park and the other can run the meal out.  Opportunities M-F from 1:30pm-3pm

All of our volunteer opportunities are considered community service and unpaid.  Home delivery drivers use their own cars/gas as a donation to their service with Special Delivery San Diego.  If community service hours need to be provided for specific requirements - please let Ruth/Rocky know and you are responsible for tracking your hours.  A letter will be provided once the hours are completed.

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